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Whether they are creating art for a video game or an animated film, artists must create visually unique characters whose appearance communicates their essential personality. Character Design and Sculpting examines the process of how artists create these characters by taking into account their body type, costuming, props, and other attributes. Character designers must also strike a balance between meeting cultural expectations of what a character should look like and striving to achieve an innovative design. In this workshop, you will confront these challenges head on as you take your own character designs from initial sketches all the way to completed maquettes (or scale models).

  • Design your own character: Develop your drawing and sculpting skills by creating your own characters, from the initial sketches to a finished models.
  • Examine what makes a character work: Survey famous characters from successful animations and discover what makes them unique.
  • Learn the tools of the trade: Examine character archetypes, anatomy, and prop design, and apply this knowledge to your own character designs.
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