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Did you know that a single shot in an action movie may actually be made up of footage from many other sources? The process of combining visual elements into a single sequence is called digital compositing, and it’s an important tool for special effects designers to make the impossible seem possible. Digital Visual Effects builds on the material covered in Fundamentals of Animation by introducing you to a number of film production and post-production concepts. You will learn how to prepare footage using basic film production and post-production concepts, then use digital compositing software to add exciting special effects to your film. Along the way, you’ll learn about fundamental art and design principles that make a special effects shot stand out.

  • Create your own special effects: Learn about the visual effects production pipeline by creating your own special effects sequences using digital compositing software.
  • Look behind the curtain: Examine how special effects have evolved throughout the history of filmmaking, and learn how modern special effects artists put their mark on current films.
  • Develop fundamental art skills: Review basic 3D computer animation concepts, including modeling, keyframing, and rendering, while developing traditional art skills in design and composition.
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