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Sound and music have a dramatic effect on the experience of playing a game. They can heighten the tension in a high-pressure situation, make your successes feel that much more heroic, or even convey important information to the player. Interactive Sound Design looks at what it takes to produce audio in a professional game development studio. You will learn about the technology behind game audio reproduction, how audio designers work with others in a team production environment, and the tools that musicians and composers use to craft their sound. By the end of this workshop, you will have completed your own soundtrack for a game or animation.

  • Shape your sound: Use audio recording and music writing software in a studio setting to create your own game or animation soundtrack.
  • Learn how audio recording works: Examine principles of wave synthesis, as well as composing and songwriting fundamentals, to deepen your knowledge of sound design.
  • Enhance your game: Discover how to tell stories using music and sound effects by creating an audio library and integrating it into an existing game or animation.
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