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Animators are responsible for taking still character models and bringing them to life through their movements. It is a difficult but rewarding process that requires artists with a mastery of both traditional art and animation skills. Junior Fundamentals of Animation lets you explore the world of animation by introducing you to a variety of animation techniques and mediums, including claymation, cut-out animation, pixilation, traditional 2D animation, and 3D computer animation. As you examine these topics, you will learn about the traditional art skills, including drawing and sculpting, that are an important part of the animation process.

  • Explore animation techniques: Learn about claymation, cut-out animation, 2D traditional animation, stop motion animation, and 3D computer animation through hands-on projects.
  • Develop traditional art skills: Examine how visual artists see the world, as well as the fine arts skills that let them make their vision a reality.
  • Communicate like an artist: Analyze animation storytelling and dialogue, and discover how writers and animators work together to create interesting characters.
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