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The ProjectFUN Editor is a powerful tool that transforms your ideas into a game. To build a game, the editor generates C++ code using the code and resources you have added. Then the generated C++ code is passed to a compiler that converts code into a program you can run and play.

There are many C++ compilers available, but only some of them are compatible with the ProjectFUN Editor. A list of compatible compilers is given below with information needed to install them. Please note that Microsoft Visual C++ 2003 is the easiest to use with ProjectFUN Editor. The others are not difficult to use but may require extra steps at different game building phases. Tutorials are available that help you learn about these extra steps.

Free Compilers

Borland Free Command Line Tools (C++ Compiler)

(Not supported by ProjectFUN 2.0)

This compiler has no additional features and is very small, only requiring approximately 8.5 MB of space. The compiler can be downloaded after registering with the website at:


If you wish to skip registration, here is a direct download link:


Microsoft Visual C++ Express Edition

In addition to the compiler, Visual C++ comes with a very nice editor. The Visual C++ editor is for working directly in C++ — but not with ProjectFUN. However, a skilled and knowledgeable user can make use of both editors in making a game. The compiler can be downloaded from the following websites:


Other Compilers

There are other compilers that are compatible with ProjectFUN Editor, but are not free. If you decide to use one of them then they will need to be purchased and installed:

Borland C++ Builder 6.0 (not supported by ProjectFUN 2.0)

Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 (not supported by ProjectFUN 2.0)

Microsoft Visual C++ 2003

Microsoft Visual C++ 2005, 2008, 2010

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