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Engineering - Main Page.


Engineering Workshops

"Go under the hood of different devices while exploring potential careers in robotics, electronics, and computer engineering."

Modern digital devices like cell phones and MP3 players may be easier than ever to use, but inside they contain a variety of tools and systems that must work together in order for the device to function. ProjectFUN’s Engineering Workshops lets students go under the hood of these devices while exploring potential careers in robotics, electronics, and computer engineering. Students will learn about a range of computer science and engineering topics, including electronics theory and programming in C and C++, while creating their own digital devices that are theirs to keep.

Courses Offered


This introductory workshop explores the fundamentals of robot action and interaction. You will learn the basics of robot mechanics, electronics, and software programming while constructing an autonomous robotic car using DigiPen’s DigiBricks robotics development system.


Building on the concepts covered in Robotics, this course lets you apply a variety of electronics and programming principles to the creation of fun electronic toys. You will learn about LCD displays, touch screens, wireless networking, and audio playback systems as you design and construct your own digital device. This course requires prior completion of Robotics.

Other Resources

This is an excellent simulation tool, written by Paul Falstad, for digital/analog/mixed circuits. It requires a Java-enabled browser in order to run. It is a great way to rapidly prototype a circuit you wish to add to your project.

This is a useful tool for decoding the color bands of resistors which is hosted on the Consumer Support Group website.

ElectroDroid — For Android

This tool provides help doing all sorts of electronics calculations.

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