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ProjectFUN’s most advanced programming workshop, 3D Video Game Programming, prepares students to create fully 3D games and interactive simulations using their knowledge of C# and the Microsoft XNA engine. This process poses significant challenges to programmers, but it also opens up entirely new gameplay possibilities, including the ability to convincingly simulate real-world phenomena using advanced 3D physics. Students who complete this workshop will have the skills to design and program their own fully playable 3D games, as well as knowledge of the high-level mathematics principles that make 3D video games possible.

  • Next-level game development: Create fully 3D games using a combination of C# and Microsoft’s XNA framework – the same tools that professional developers use.
  • Learn what makes 3D graphics work: Analyze how the 3D graphics pipeline allows graphics processors to render 3D models into the 2D images you see on your screen.
  • Push ahead in math and science: Study college-level mathematics concepts such as 3D vectors and matrices, transforms, and linear and affine algebras, as well as 3D physics.
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