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You may have spent countless hours exploring your favorite video games, but do you know what it takes to build these virtual worlds from the ground up? Programmers are responsible for creating the software framework that brings games to life and allows players to interact with these environments in new and unique ways. Introduction to 2D Video Game Programming explores some of the basic concepts programmers use to produce video game software. In this workshop, you will create four games using DigiPen's ProjectFUN Editor while learning about the C++ programming language, the game production process, and potential pathways into careers in video game development. Along the way, you will explore the math and science concepts at the core of modern video games.

  • Create fully playable games: See what video games production is really like by creating four games using DigiPen's ProjectFUN Editor. At the end of this workshop, you will receive your own copy of the ProjectFUN Editor to take home.
  • Dive into computer science: Learn the basics of programming in C++, including debugging and problem solving, animating characters, and programming artificial intelligence.
  • Sharpen your mind: Learn about math and science concepts that are invaluable to game programmers, including 2D coordinate systems, vectors, variables, and linear equations.


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