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Mobile phones aren’t just for phone calls anymore – they’re also handheld gaming platforms, web browsers, music and video players, and GPS navigators all rolled into one. Mobile App Development looks at how software developers design and program applications that unlock the potential of these powerful mobile computers. Building on the basic concepts covered in Intro to 2D Video Game Programming, this workshop covers some of the tools and processes that developers use to turn their ideas into powerful mobile applications, including games. While creating your own series of mobile applications, you will enhance your knowledge of computer science and math, as well as your understanding of the software development pipeline.

  • Learn by doing: Get an inside look at the mobile application development process by creating your own series of mobile apps, including games.
  • Think like a designer: Explore the user experience and interface design principles that separate merely useable mobile applications from truly great ones.
  • Get down to business: Learn about the mobile application distribution process, including online app stores that allow professional developers to profit from their work.
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