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Hello, Connor H. here, and I have devised a system that can handle cheat codes in a very elegant way. I have a dictionary that holds active cheats and their values, and an indexed property for reading/creating/modifying/removing cheats from the list.

If I wanted to see if godmode was set to 1, I could use:

if (Cheats.cheats[ "godmode" ] == 1)
  // Do something

or I could use this to turn godmode on:

Cheats.cheats[ "godmode" ] = 1;

regardless of whether is existed in the dictionary yet. A cheat can be any string, and it's value can be any positive signed int. the system interprets a negative value as removing the object. Happy programming!

If you just add the file to your project, you can start using it! No variable setup is necessary!

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