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Making a main menu is relatively simple. You need Menu level which has sprites for buttons. Each button should have a specific thing to do when clicked on - so the trick is figuring out how to click on a button.

If you want to implement a Play button, you would have the following behavior attached to your play button sprite:

// Behavior for a play button
public static void PlayButtonFN()
  // If we're colliding with the cursor sprite
  // and the player is triggering left click
  if (This.Sprite.CollisionWithSprite("Cursor" ) != null && This.Game.IsMouseTriggered(0))
    // Go to the arena level
    This.Game.SetCurrentLevel("ArenaLevel" );
As for other buttons, you would likely want a level for each submenu (such as instructions or credits) with a back button that returns to the menu level.

There's a lot of names there that you'll need to make sure match your game. This includes the cursor name and the level name. Aside from that, it should work.

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