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Student: In my game, there will be many different kinds of blocks. I want to be able to select with my mouse cursor a single block to control. Then I want to be able to select any single one of the other blocks, regardless of type or name, to control. When I choose something new to control, I want to stop controlling the previous block.

Any help or ideas on how to do this would be great.

EDIT: If there is a way to drag and drop my blocks, that may be another possible solution to my problems.

Instructor: I thought I had this figured out, but that idea wasn't going to work. I'll need to do some research, which I'll get to in a moment. Please stand by...

Success! Functionality for click and drag

First, attach this function to your blocks:

/// <summary>
/// Allow a sprite to be clicked and dragged by the cursor
/// </summary>
public static void ClickedOnFN()
  // Find the cursor that's colliding with me
  Sprite Cursor = This.Sprite.CollisionWithSprite("Target" );
  // If I collide with the cursor and the player triggers left click
  if (Cursor != null && This.Game.IsMouseTriggered(0) && This.Sprite.DisplayList == 0)
    // Activate Hflip for debugging
    This.Sprite.HFlip = !This.Sprite.HFlip;
    // Make a temporary variable to hold the cursor's display list
    int temp = Cursor.DisplayList;
    // Change the cursor's display list to my display list
    Cursor.DisplayList = This.Sprite.DisplayList;
    // Change my display list to the cursor's old display list
    This.Sprite.DisplayList = temp;
  // Else if I collide with the cursor and the player presses left click
  else if (Cursor != null && This.Game.IsMousePressed(0) && This.Sprite.DisplayList != 0)
    // Set my position to that of the cursor
    This.Sprite.Position = new Point2D(Cursor.Position);
  // Else
    // Reset my display list
    This.Sprite.DisplayList = 0;

Next, attach this function to your mouse cursor:

/// <summary>
/// Resets the mouse's display list
/// </summary>
public static void MouseResetDisplayListFN()
  // If the player is not clicking
  if ((This.Game.IsMouseTriggered(0) || This.Game.IsMousePressed(0)) == false)
    // Reset the display list
    This.Sprite.DisplayList = 1;

Note that my cursor was named Target, so it might need to be modified to work with your cursor sprite.

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